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New Motions Short Hair Texturizer

Healthy, superior, sodium-hydroxide, "retexturizing", relaxer formula and a balanced emulsion of conditioning ingredients which perform together to "loosen" the curliness of fine to tightly curled, coarse hair!
Perfect application creates soft curls or gentle waves for easy, natural-looking and controlled, "texturized" hairstyles!
Great for blow-outs, fades, and push waves! Helps you to enjoy shiny, healthy, moisturized, and easy to manage hair when styled with Motions at Home Styling Products!

Available in
Fine to Medium and Coarse Formulas:

15 OZ




New Motions Extra Firm Foaming Wrap Lotion

You asked for it! Here it is!!! A smooth, wonderful, foaming lotion now with even more hold!
Can be used with your creative imagination and talent to wrap, "wetset", blowdry, or design any hairstyle!
Hair stays in place while drying, and combouts are easier, with the hair bouncing and behaving!
Can be used for longer lasting, silkier blowdry styles and smooth, even firmer, iron-curled styles!
Does not dry too fast or too slow!
Keeps curls curlier and straight hair straighter days longer!
Absolutely will not stick to your irons!
Yes!! It can be used to style natural hairstyles, too!

Available in:

8.5 OZ




New Motions Conditioning Setting Lotion

The perfect, ready-to-use, extra conditioning formula for "wetsets", blowdrys, updos, twists, coils - virtually any hairstyle that you and your talent and imagination can create!
Its healthy hold actually helps the hair to "remember" the style days longer!
Continued use and "sitting under a hooded dryer or natural, air-drying" will result in healthier, stronger, shinier hair!
Yes!! It can be used to style natural hairstyles, too!

Available in:

12 OZ




New Motions Extra Conditioning Oil Sheen

Advanced conditioning formula - containing oil from the Macadamia Nut, which is natural, silky, and rich in healthy, hair supporting protein!
Use daily for healthy, more moisturized, radiantly shiny hair!
Ideal for use (along with your "setting" products - Foaming Wrap Lotion or Conditioning Setting Lotion) on roller sets, blowdrys, natural styles, directly onto dry scalps to soothe, braids, and iron curling! Whew!

Available in:

11.25 OZ




Motions Lavish Conditioning Shampoo

Contains mild cleansing agents and conditioners to cleanse and detangle without stripping natural oils from the hair.
Rich pearl scent formula is gentle enough to be used everyday.
Contains silk protein and keratin protein that penetrate hairshaft to provide substantive conditioning.

Available in:

16 OZ 32 OZ 128 OZ (1 gallon)




Motions CPR Treatment Shampoo

Enriched with Vitamins for dry, damaged hair.
Repairs and strengthens chemically treated, curly or frizzy hair.
Moisturizes and softens the hair to restore manageability.
For extra conditioning and shine.

Available in:

13 OZ




Motions Moisture Plus Conditioner

An advanced-technology conditioner so potent that a small dose delivers maximum results that last from shampoo to shampoo.
Contains silicone's for shine and easy combing.
Contains cationic conditioners that penetrate into the hairshaft and condition from within.
Contains panthenol, a vitamin derivative, and glycerin, to provide moisture.
pH 4.0 to 4.4 – neutralizes relaxer residue.
Used right after the relaxer is rinsed from the hair, conditioners penetrate open cuticles, bind to the hair to condition from within, and begin the neutralizing process.

Available in:

6 OZ 30 OZ 80 OZ




Motions Critical Protection and Repair

This is a professional product for sale to licensed cosmetologists only.
Performs at the highest level for professional stylists.
This product should be used by every professional stylist for the treatment of breakage or when breakage is anticipated.
CPR, containing a unique complex of over 15 African herbs, protects and conditions, leaving the hair looking and feeling better.
One treatment will stop or slow serious breakage with the first application.

Available in:

6 OZ 15 OZ 38 OZ




Motions "Nourish" Leave-In Conditioner

A daily moisturizer, hair softener and detangler .
Contains shine enhancing silicones .
Contains Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 to strengthen hair .
Protein complex softens the hair and leaves it feeling smooth .
Triple Hydration Complex (THC) to increase the hairs’ moisture retaining capabilities.

Available in:

12 OZ




Motions No-Base Relaxer

Contains a "ationiz" or positively -charged conditioner, that chemically binds to the negatively-charged parts of the hair. Unlike many other relaxers that contain only surface lubricants that wash away, the conditioner is substantive, remaining in the hair to protect it from damage during the relaxer process.
Precisely balanced emulsion of conditioners and active ingredients means a smoother , even formula, less likelihood of separation, and dependable consistent results from first use to last.
Contains humectants to replace moisture lost during the relaxer process, to help eliminate dryness.

Available in Mild, Regular and Super formulas in:

15 OZ 64 OZ




Motions No Lye-Sensitive Scalp Relaxer

Formulated for those with sensitivity to sodium-based relaxers.
Contains calcium hydroxide/quanidine carbonate combination active ingredient, known and trusted for its gentleness.
Contains a precise emulsion of relaxer and conditioning ingredients to guarantee superior results time after time.
Contains humectants to replace lost moisture, prevent dryness.
Contains a pre-shampoo conditioner treatment that promotes shine and softness.
One strength safely relaxes all textures. Straightens as well as sodium-based relaxers, with less risk of irritation.

Available in a kit:

4 - 7.5 OZ Jars



Motions Foaming Wrap Lotion

A wonderful foaming lotion used for wrapping & setting.
Hair can be stretched as it is wrapped.
Holds hair during the drying process and comb-outs are easier.
Use for blow-drying and iron curling.
Won’t stick to irons.
Does not dry fast or too slow.
It provides hair with an excellent shine.
Keeps curls a few extra days and straight hair stays straight.

Available in:

8 OZ


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