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Motions® COLOR ReturnT conditioner

Refresher and Conditioner

Color Return is a conditioner with color pigmentation and is designed to be applied after shampooing or wetting your hair. It will moisturize and soften tinted hair while restoring color intensity…in fifteen minutes…and is compatible with every brand of semi-permanent and permanent color. You can also use it to create subtle, wonderfully pleasing highlights.

Available in 6oz tubes.

Easy to use:
1. Apply to wet hair
2. Wipe excess from ears and hairline
3. Cover with a plastic cap
4. Rinse after fifteen minutes

Auburn Red
Burgundy Red
Nutmeg Brown
Chocolate Brown
Pretty Grey*

*Pretty Grey is a shade that will remove yellow discoloration from grey, white and silver hair. Bottles sizes and ease of use are the same as above.

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